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Vanquish Volante - Design

Alongside retaining proportion and balance, the Vanquish Volante combines exceptional technology with pure beauty to create distinctive convertible styling.

Vanquish Volante - Design


Transferring the visual tension of the Coupe into Volante form was an exciting challenge for the Aston Martin design team. Their patience and new engineering techniques resulted in the Volante being as captivating and homogenous as the Coupe.


For the first time on a Volante model, the Vanquish benefits from a full-height windshield that mirrors exactly the coupe form and blends seamlessly into the multi-layered fabric roof, so the powerful and distinct silhouette is retained.


Key to the Volante’s intoxicating dual personality is a complex multi-layer fabric roof that folds away simply at the touch of a button. The Vanquish Volante transforms from a highly refined, closed GT to an intensely charismatic convertible in just 14 seconds and at speeds of up to 30mph (48 km/h) for ultimate convenience, bringing an added dimension and creating a truly boundless luxury.


The innovative, one-piece ‘Aero Duct’ trunk lid with integrated rear spoiler not only manipulates the airflow with real efficiency, but also enhances the dazzling One-77 inspired LED light blade taillights and the full-width carbon-fiber rear diffuser. Each inspired detail blends into the next to create a virtuoso performance for the world to enjoy.


Supple leather, cool metal and smooth glass provide delightful visual and tactile contrasts, while the exceptional quality of materials and craftsmanship is evident in everything you touch. Once again the One-77 supercar is referenced with the “waterfall” design center console, a stunning and intuitive centerpiece for a sophisticated and soothing interior.

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